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What is a Vehicle Bogie?

Aug. 31, 2022

The role and composition of bogie

The bogie is one of the zui important parts in the structure of railroad vehicles, and its main functions are as follows:


1)The bogie is used on the vehicle to increase the load, length and volume of the vehicle, improve the running speed of the train and meet the needs of railroad transportation development.


2) To ensure that the car body can be reliably positioned on the bogie under normal operating conditions, and that the rolling of the wheels along the track can be transformed into the translation of the car body along the road by the bearing device.


3) Support the vehicle body, bear and transmit various loads and forces from the vehicle body to the wheels or from the wheel track to the vehicle body, so that the axle weight is evenly distributed.


4) Ensure the safe operation of the vehicle, flexible along the straight line and smooth through the curve.


5)The structure of the bogie should facilitate the installation of spring damping device, so that it has good damping characteristics to moderate the interaction between the vehicle and the line, reduce vibration and impact, dynamic stress decline, improve the smoothness and safety of vehicle operation.


6)Adequate use of wheel-track adhesion, transfer traction and braking force, amplify the braking force generated by the brake cylinder, so that the vehicle has good braking effectiveness, to ensure that the stop within the specified distance.


7) The bogie is an independent part of the vehicle, and the number of connections between the bogie and the vehicle body should be reduced as much as possible.


What is a Vehicle Bogie?


The use of bogie turntable

The bogie and wheel-to-wheel slewing table are manually operated and installed in the pit for turning the bogie of the subway vehicle when it is running on the track (turning line). The main functions and technical requirements of the bogie turntable are


1) The bogie turntable is arranged in a circular ground resistance type. Bogie turntable manufacturers use no power manual operation control mode. Two vertical tracks of the same gauge (1435mm) as the machine section are laid on the upper part and arranged in zigzag shape to connect the longitudinal and transverse tracks in the machine section to realize the bogie/wheel pair transition between the longitudinal and transverse tracks. During the rotation, the top of the turntable track is kept flush with the top of the grounding track. The turntable is stable, light and flexible when rotating, and can be easily rotated by one person under a load of 7000 kg.


2) The turntable is arranged in a circular pit type, two tracks are perpendicular to each other (the gauge is 1435mm), and the top of the turntable track is flush with the top of the workshop track.


3)The turntable as a whole is supported on the slewing support, and the whole structure should have sufficient bearing strength and stiffness, unbalanced load strength and impact strength when passing the track (the turntable should be able to withstand the impact when the rail vehicle passes) to ensure that there is no fan swing and wobble between the axes in the rotating operation, and the rotation is convenient and flexible.


4) The plate cover should be non-slip, the upper plane of the turntable should be in the same plane with the workshop floor, no projection, the transition should be smooth and easy for personnel and vehicle passage.


5)When the turntable is rotating, the cover should be kept on the same level and concentric with the floor.


6) The turntable has a wheel stopper to prevent the bogie from rolling down when the turntable is rotating.


7) The turntable should have a positioning device (stop device) to ensure the accurate alignment of the turntable track with the workshop track and to prevent the turntable from rotating when pushing the bogie across the track

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