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How Many Kinds of Semi-trailer Suspension?

Sep. 09, 2022

Suspension, is a general term for all the force transferring connecting devices between and used to transfer the force and force torque acting between and frame, cushion the impact force transmitted from the road to the frame or body, and reduce the vibration caused by it, in order to ensure that the car can drive smoothly. There are many types of suspensions, and today Yonglitai introduces them in detail for you!


In general, the suspension of semi-trailer can be divided into four main types.


1. Rigid suspension.


Rigid suspension of the body chassis directly on the role between the wheels, no spring as a buffer, encountering uneven road conditions rely entirely on the balance beam swing to maintain the relative balance of the front and rear axle.


This suspension is relatively rare at present, because its damping effect is very poor, mainly used in the low-speed cargo semi-trailer on the low flatbed.


2. Steel plate suspension.


Also known as tandem steel plate spring balanced suspension, is also common steel plate spring suspension, mainly by the steel plate spring, suspension support, linkage, U-bolts and other components.


The biggest advantage of this kind of trailer suspension is low cost, reliable work and easy maintenance. Because of this, the proportion of steel plate suspension is currently the largest in the domestic semi-trailer application, about 70-80%.


3. Single point suspension.


That is, the common steel plate spring front and rear brackets reduced to a single bracket connected to the body, can be equally divided into different axles, so the bearing capacity is greater, generally used in heavy trailers.


4. Air suspension.


Also called suspension, its most significant feature is the airbag air spring, compared with other suspensions, air suspension cushioning force to better, can effectively protect the goods, improve driving comfort, currently mainly used in the transport of precision instruments, hazardous chemicals and so on.


Yonglitai Heavy Duty Leaf Spring Type Air Suspension

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The advantages of air suspension.


1. Good vibration damping effect.

Compared with the traditional steel plate spring, air bag is obviously softer and more comfortable, it makes a soft connection between the frame and the axle, the bumps and shocks from the road can be largely alleviated, in addition to enhancing driving comfort, the cargo is also a kind of protection.


2. It can reduce the load stress.

The compressibility of air makes the airbag suspension easy to cope with road bumps while reducing the load stress, extending the service life of axles and semi-trailers, and to a certain extent reducing vehicle costs.


3. Smaller weight of itself.

Lightweight is currently a development trend of the trailer parts industry, air suspension compared to the traditional suspension, its own weight is lighter, for standard load users can get more free weight space, no load users can save fuel, energy saving and efficiency.


4. Long service life.

The air spring itself is lighter, and the air medium in the air bag is less frictional, so the service life can reach 2-3 times that of steel springs, helping vehicle owners to save money better.


Yonglitai is a professional manufacturer of semi-trailer axles, suspensions and spare parts with more than 50 years of production experience.


How Many Kinds of Semi-trailer Suspension?



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