Overall speaking, auto suspension system consists of springs and shock absorbers to improve driving experience. And now, there are many kinds of auto suspension system which render the drivers different driving experience. So read on to check out them. I bet you will be interested.

Automobile suspension systems can be approximately classified into three categories - active suspension system, semi-dependent suspension system and dependent suspension system. First let's see what active suspension system is.

Active suspension system needs power hydraulic pump or air compressor to provide continuous power input. According to the varied conditions of roads, vehicle loads and driving speeds, active suspension system can automatically modify the suspension stiffness to increase driving comfort and ensure driving safety. Take active trailer suspension for example. As we know, the ride height of trailer with ordinary suspension system changes depending on how much it is loaded. Yet active trailer suspension can maintain the ride height of a trailer regardless of the increase or decrease of the load while riding. In this way, the driving stability of heavy-duty vehicles is ensured even when driving on jolting roads. It is for this reason that trailers suspension often falls into this category.

The next is semi-active suspension. Different from active trailer suspension, semi-active suspension doesn't have power input. It means it doesn't consume power when working. Most air suspension systems are bracketed into semi-active suspension. That is, such suspension system consists of compressive springs, links and absorbers and can change the stiffness of spring in accordance with conditions of roads and riding speeds. But a drawback is that since semi-active suspension doesn't have power input, it is much more difficult for it to change the spring stiffness.

And the last is passive suspension system. Like semi-active suspension, passive suspension system also doesn't have power input. The suspension stiffness and damping parameter won't change according to the external conditions. This means the suspension parameters are pre-set and can't be modified. So we can see that passive suspension is kind of mechanical. Though it can reduce car shocks to some extent, it can no longer meet people's pursuit for optimal driving experience. This is why passive suspension system is rarely seen now in vehicles.

We can perceive that independent suspension system is the direction of development as it can modify suspension stiffness actively while riding. Actually, ECU-controlled independent suspension is now developed to replace mechanical independent suspension to further enhance driving stability and comfort. In all, this is my brief introduction to auto suspensions. I hope you will gain useful information from my article.