The suspension is a part of the chassis located between the body and the road. It includes the shock absorber, or dampener, the leaf or coil springs; all of them contribute to controlling arms of the wheel and tires, and the steering system. The car transport trailer axle system is such a complex system that various accessories are linked to each other in different ways. As the most important part of the car, the suspension system affects the normal working of vehicle acceleration, braking and other important parts.
Automobile suspension can be divided into passive suspension, semi-active suspension, active suspension, trailers suspension and so on.
Generally, the vast majority of cars consist of the spring and shock absorber with mechanical suspension. Owing to the conventional suspension systems-free energy supply installations, parameters of elastic and damping of the suspension do not change according to the external status change. This hanging often uses parameters to optimize design method in order to take into account as far as possible the various performance requirements. But in fact, it is difficult to meet the high requirements, because the suspension of final design parameters is not adjustable
Secondly, semi trailer parts system is composed of springs and shock absorbers. It can adjust the spring stiffness and damping of the shock absorber according to the information about the spring and damper tuning parameter instructions under all kinds of conditions. Semi-active suspension is also known as passive active suspension for it does not have a power source for the suspension system to provide continuous input of energy. Semi-active suspension system changes far more difficultly than changes the damping spring, so the semi-active suspension system with variable damping suspension system is commonly used. Semi-active suspension system is the biggest advantage of working with less power consumption; therefore it attracts more and more people's attention.
Thirdly, active suspension is a suspension with capacity for work, which usually includes measuring elements and torque feedback controller. Therefore, active suspension needs a power source for the suspension system that can provide power input continuously. When the car load, speed, road conditions and other conditions change, it can adjust the suspension stiffness of active suspension system, which at the same time meets the requirements of the cars.
Fourthly, the trailer suspension device consists of axle with leaf springs. It uses a carrier that imposed load on the shaft by rotating the axis after the automatic adjustment of the average load on the allocation to the wheels. And according to the rotation angle of the road axis will have a certain balance to protect the frame, preventing tilt trailer.
All in all, the suspension system refers to the entire support system by the springs and shock absorbers between the body and the tire. It supports the body of cars and improves the car owners' feeling of driving. Different suspension settings make the drivers have different driving feelings. The suspension system which seems to be a simple one combines a variety of forces to improve the stability and safety of the car.